About Us

M.G.G. was founded in 1995 as a one-man company. At the beginning the business was the assemblies, mainly for companies operating in the electrical equipment market.
NIn 1996 begins the production of cable tapes for electricians. Over the years, the company has always operated with a sight oriented to the quality and the customer satisfaction.
This has led to collaborations with the largest industries in the electrical sector.
Strength points are always the maximum flexibility, the punctuality in orders fulfilment and the customer care with its various needs.
The lean organizations of the company allows to strongly reduce operating costs and makes us competitive in the market.
Our main goals are the quality care, the product customization, the production and the delivery as soon as possible, without losing sight on the quality control accuracy and on the whole production process.
This is supported by an extreme attention in the materials and the suppliers selection.
Our most important value is the respect for the customer, with whom we establish a partnership based on confidence and collaboration.
Reliability and honesty are indispensable conditions to ensure that each customer feels our commitment and attention.